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My name is Sally Faith Steinmann and I am the owner/designer of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Custom Millinery for Women.

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Where to Wear a Hat
Custom Millinery by Sally Faith Steinmann
While many of the ladies who visit my website already have an event in mind for purchasing a new chapeau, I am still often asked this question, Where would I wear a hat?
Being a hat lady for many, many years, I am always donning a hat -- in fact, many people barely recognize me without one! But many women truly do not know when or where they should wear a hat. Some newcomers to the wonderful world of hats feel intimidated or shy about hat wearing. And so I finally decided to set aside a page on my website to provide information that might help to answer this wonderful question. Here are just a few ideas for you – and have fun!
The Kentucky Derby - This spring, why not go on a grand adventure to Churchill Downs this year for the 131st running of the Kentucky Derby? Invite a girlfriend, or two, or ten, don your loveliest chapeaux and get ready for Derby magic... Or, if you are unable to attend the Derby in person, why not host your own Derby Party for the first Saturday in May? Create invitations with a Derby theme. Have a hat contest for the Win, Place, and Show. Offer mint juleps, Hot Brown sandwiches, and chocolate bourbon pecan pie for refreshments. And don't forget the ROSES - decorate generously with large vases of lovely red roses, or create lapel corsages for everyone who attends. For Derby hat ideas, please visit the Derby Hat Collection here at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® . For more Derby party ideas, click on the following link to find out all sorts of creative ideas for throwing your own Derby party.
Teas with friends - Have you ever been to a lovely tea, hosted by a friend? Why not explore the possibilities of having a tea of your own. Invite your friends. Ask everyone to wear a fabulous chapeau. Find an excellent scone recipe, brew your own blend of interesting tea leaves, have a poetry reading and enjoy one another's lovely hats and company!
Have a garden party! -- This spring or summer season, when the weather has warmed up a bit, pick a place to have a lovely garden party. Choose your own backyard or a friend's garden. Be creative! Encourage everyone to wear a hat. If you can't find a garden setting, lavishly decorate your home with the season's fruits and flowers. You could have a hat contest with prizes given for Best Floral Design, Most Original Use of Flowers, etc.
Easter Parade - Many of you will remember the Judy Garland and Fred Astaire movie, "Easter Parade" with the final scene where everyone has gathered for the annual Easter Parade down 5th Avenue. This Easter season, why not organize an Easter Parade of your own? Invite friends and family to watch the movie with you. Make hat cookies for the occasion, create baskets with upside down hats and fill them with spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips. You could even have a hat contest. Be imaginative about the award categories!
Bridal shower - The next time a friend or family member is getting married, why not suggest a hat theme for the bridal shower? Send out invitations in the shape of a hat and ask everyone who attends to wear their favorite chapeau. If the bride-to-be is a hat lover, perhaps some of the gifts could be hats or gift certificates to her favorite millinery.
Wedding reception - If you are getting married, why not ask all the guests to wear their favorite hat to the reception? Can't you just imagine the wonderful photo album for such a splendid occasion?
Join a Hat Society or start one of your own - There are many hat societies springing up in our country right now with something to offer for just about everyone. You could gather in your group once a month for a tea or a luncheon at your favorite restaurant, wearing your favorite hat of course. Or perhaps raise money with a hat event and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice. You could even do a Hat of the Month contest in your group, and offer different awards for Most Original, Most Elegant, Most Wearable hats!
Wear a hat to church or synagogue - Women always used to wear hats to church, and many still do! Read Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry's lovely book, Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats for wonderful stories of women for whom hats are a way of life. You might just get something started in your own place of worship. You could even organize a church hat fundraiser -- raffle off a lovely hat, or have a hat contest -- and donate the proceeds to a good cause.
Beach party - Encourage your guests to find their favorite casual hat, pull a picnic lunch together, and head for the dunes. You'll be glad you wore a wide brimmed hat for sun protection as well as for style.
I would love to hear your ideas for where you wear your hats! Just email me with your suggestions, and feel free to ask questions. After all, that is how this page came to be: because of all those women who over the years have asked me that marvelous question, "Where would I wear a hat"?
Email Sally for further information or a hat price list. If you do not receive a requested price list quickly, please either call Sally at 508-430-1626 or check your spam folder as sometimes a spam blocker can inadvertently prevent you from receiving emails from a new source.
Prices on all MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® products subject to change without notice.
No wholesale price requests, please.

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