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Sally Faith Steinmann, Custom Milliner

My name is Sally Faith Steinmann and I am the owner/designer of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Custom Millinery for Women.

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Custom Millinery by Sally Faith Steinmann
How do I know which hat designs work best for me?
I receive this question from many visitors to MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® . And while I do not hold to any specific rules generally, there are several popularly held beliefs that I shall pass along to you as a first step in answering this question, bearing in mind that not all the experts agree:
- The width of the hat brim: no wider than your shoulders.
- Find hats that complement your skin tone as well as wardrobe colors and textures.
- If you have a smallish face, hats that are smaller proportioned with respect to brim and overall shape seem to work well.
- Women who are taller sometimes do best with hats that are wider brimmed, and the reverse goes for women who are shorter.
- If you have a long shaped face, try hats that are full of brim but not too tall; rounder faces are complemented by square shaped hats that have an asymmetrical brim.
From my own experience, I truly believe that selecting a hat design has far more to do with the heart than with anything else. I, for example, have worn hats both great and small, wide brimmed and narrow brimmed, tall and short crowned. Why do they work? While color and texture can surely make a huge difference in which hat complements my face shape, skin tone, outfit, etc., I have found that it's the hat that I fall in love with: the one that speaks to me, that looks the best on me. It never fails. I see a hat, I get that thrill inside, and soon the hat is heading home with me - no matter how wide her brim or how short her crown!
Of course, in order to get more comfortable and secure in your hat judgment, I would strongly recommend that you "play" with hats as often as possible. In time, you'll begin to get a feel for the hat shapes and designs and even colors that make your heart soar. Over time, a confidence will begin to grow inside of you, and you'll learn to trust your own judgment about hat selection. It is a wondrous adventure indeed, searching for just the right hat, and the right hat will surely speak to you. Of that you can be certain!
Email Sally for further information or a hat price list. If you do not receive a requested price list quickly, please either call Sally at 508-430-1626 or check your spam folder as sometimes a spam blocker can inadvertently prevent you from receiving emails from a new source.
Prices on all MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® products subject to change without notice.
No wholesale price requests, please.

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