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Sally Faith Steinmann, Custom Milliner

My name is Sally Faith Steinmann and I am the owner/designer of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Custom Millinery for Women.

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Milliner's Biography
Sally Faith Steinmann
Custom Millinery by Sally Faith Steinmann
Sally Faith Steinmann was born on Cape Cod, Massachusetts at a time when hats were going out of fashion. However, as a little girl she was intrigued by the hats she saw and began creating hats and costumes for her puppets and stuffed animals. It was this fascination with designing and creating that eventually led to her career as a milliner.
It was during her studies in women’s issues, psychology and film at Wellesley College that Steinmann began to focus on the social messages that women in this culture receive about themselves and what they should look like. She gradually began to refine her ideas and began to relate them to fashion and the choices women make about what they wear. She realized that fashion doesn’t need to be limited to society’s definition of beauty and style but should center around what makes a woman feel good about herself. After graduation she returned to Cape Cod and rediscovered her childhood love of creating hats. Out of this passion she created her company, MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®, which she tailored to remind a woman that there is only one standard of beauty, and that is her own.
After beginning MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® in 1998, Steinmann centered her attention on creating a line of custom design fabric hats which, since 2000, she has sold exclusively through her website. As her clientèle expanded so did her designs which include hats for equine events, polo matches, steeplechase and hunter events, as well as hats for weddings, teas, garden parties, Concours d’Elegance classic car events and church events. She has developed a loyal following, both in the United States and internationally, based on mutual respect, service and shared appreciation for quality fine millinery.
Over the years Steinmann’s millinery creations have found their way to her Majesty the Queen’s garden parties in Scotland and London, adorned brides and mothers of the bride and groom, as well as teas, countless parties and bar mitzvahs. An avid horse lover, her hats can be seen at equine events both nationally and internationally including the Royal Ascot, Dubai and the winner’s circle at the Kentucky Derby. Her Derby hats have also been honored by being accepted at the Kentucky Derby Museum’s Annual Derby Hat Exhibits. A strong advocate of Thoroughbred equine aftercare, Steinmann began her annual fundraising event, Hats off to the Horses: The Road to the Derby” with Old Friends Equine of Kentucky in 2009. 2013 marks the fourth year of this successful event in which six of her original one of a kind Derby designs honoring retired race horses are auctioned online.
Steinmann’s hats have been featured in magazines, newspapers and on numerous websites and television. These include; The Rail: The New York Times Racing Blog;, CNBC, The Horse Talk Show (interviews);; Royal Ascot Magazine; Prestige Magazine; Tops Magazine; Weddings Unveiled Magazine (Bridal Issue); Victoria Magazine; Horse Society Magazine; Thoroughbred Style Magazine, Charleston Magazine (Bridal Issue); Luxist Magazine; Luxury Las Vegas Magazine (Weddings Issue); Kentucky Monthly Magazine; Royal Ascot Magazine, National Museum of Horse Racing and Hall of Fame guide (2015, 2016);;;;; Daily Racing News, Person + Killan Photography blog;;;;;; Georgetown News-Graphic; Cape Cod Magazine; Cape Cod Life Magazine; Cape Women’s Magazine; Horses In Art Magazine; Chatham Chronicle; The Cape Cod Times and Oxygen T.V.
Named for Sally's tiger cat, Maggie, MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® custom millinery blends vintage inspired lines with contemporary colors and textures to create a timeless melange of the old and the new. Sally Faith Steinmann specializes in one-of-a-kind designer hats; creating with the customer that truly special hat that can express a woman's individual sense of style and taste. Email her with your own ideas or for more information about her custom hat design work and get ready to have some fun! If you experience any difficulty in sending an email, please call Sally directly at (508) 430-1626.

Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae
For Maggie, 1996-2010

And please read about another very special feline who now inspires Sally, The Milliner's Muse

Photo - "The Milliner's Muse" Blog

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Email Sally for further information or a hat price list. If you do not receive a requested price list quickly, please either call Sally at 508-430-1626 or check your spam folder as sometimes a spam blocker can inadvertently prevent you from receiving emails from a new source.
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